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An Unnecessary Spinoff? – Magia Record Episode 1 Analysis

In early 2011, Madoka Magica shocked the anime community! Its Faustian rendition of the mahou shoujo archetype played well with its existential themes. While many anime and manga following it have attempted to marry dark tones with typically “moe” genres, the surreal artwork of the antagonistic witches and Kajiura soundtrack elevates it far above itsContinue reading “An Unnecessary Spinoff? – Magia Record Episode 1 Analysis”

Top 5 Anime of 2019

This was an awful year for anime. I don’t mean to imply there was a drought in great anime, but that the average anime that I saw was lacking in art quality, animation and general polish in comparison to previous years. Action anime that would cut away from impacts and ecchi anime that panned overContinue reading “Top 5 Anime of 2019”

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